William H. Frey is a Ph.D. demographer and sociologist specializing in U.S. demographics.

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Media Mentions


William H. Frey. Now, more than half of Americans are millennials or younger, Brookings Institution, July 30, 2020 .
William H. Frey and Others. A nation at a demographic crossroad: Rising diversity, youthful activism, and the 2020 election, Brookings Institution, July 23, 2020 .
William H. Frey. A roaring Sun Belt surge has inverted the demographics and politics of COVID-19, Brookings Institution, July 2, 2020 .
William H. Frey and Fred Dews. Tracking COVID-19’s spread into less urban, whiter, and more Trump-friendly places, Brookings Institution, June 12, 2020 .
William H. Frey. The nation’s racial justice protests are a pivotal moment for millennials and Gen Z, Brookings Institution, June 9, 2020 .
William H. Frey. American cities saw uneven growth last decade, new census data show, Brookings Institution, May 26, 2020 .
Catherine E. Shoichet and Athena Jones. Coronavirus is making some people rethink where they want to live, CNN, May 2, 2020 .
William H. Frey. Even before coronavirus, census shows U.S. cities’ growth was stagnating, Brookings Institution, April 6, 2020 .
William Frey with Michel Martin. Demographer Unpacks Why Fewer Americans Are Moving, All Things Considered, November 23, 2019 .
William Frey. For the first time on record, fewer than 10% of Americans moved in a year, Brookings Institution, November 22, 2019 .

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