William H. Frey is a Ph.D. demographer and sociologist specializing in U.S. demographics.

This site provides links to publications, demographic issues, media stories, data tools and resources for teachers developed by projects with which Dr. Frey is associated.


Media Mentions


William H. Frey. Trump’s early actions will widen America’s political demographic divide, The Brookings Institution, February 10, 2017 .
William H. Frey. It’s America’s minority youth that deserve both parties’ attention, Brookings Institution, January 5, 2017 .
William H. Frey, Josh Robin, and Earl Lewis. Changing Face of the USA, NY1 Online, December 16, 2016 .
William H. Frey. The demographic blowback that elected Donald Trump, The Brookings Institution, November 10, 2016 .
William H. Frey and Jim Spiro. Jim Spiro Show, WGSO, November 9, 2016 .
Tom Ashbrook, William Frey, David Schleicher, and Abigail Wozniak,. Staying Put: Why Nobody's Moving Right Now, NPR On Point, February 8, 2017 .
William H. Frey. U.S. growth rate hits new low as migration to the Sun Belt continues, Brookings Institution, December 23, 2016 .
William H. Frey. Mid-decade, big city growth continues, The Brookings Institution, May 23, 2016 .
William H. Frey. Migration to Sun Belt metro areas continues to surge, Brookings Institution, March 31, 2016 .
William H. Frey. Sun Belt Migration Reviving, New Census Data Show, Brookings Institution, January 4, 2016 .

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