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William H. Frey

William H. Frey is a Ph.D. demographer and sociologist specializing in U.S. demographics.

This site provides links to publications, demographic issues, media stories, data tools and resources for teachers developed by projects with which Dr. Frey is associated.


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New 2020 census data shows an aging America and wide racial gaps between generations
Big cities are showing signs of recovery after historic population losses, new census data shows
New voter turnout data from 2022 shows some surprises, including lower turnout for youth, women, and Black Americans in some states
RESEARCH Pandemic-driven population declines in large urban areas are slowing or reversing, latest census data shows
Pandemic-driven population declines in large urban areas are slowing or reversing, latest census data shows
Americans’ local migration reached a historic low in 2022, but long-distance moves picked up
Americans’ local migration reached a historic low in 2022, but long-distance moves picked up
RESEARCH New census estimates show a tepid rise in U.S. population growth, buoyed by immigration
Midterm exit polls show that young voters drove Democratic resistance to the ‘red wave’
Motivated by abortion, women could determine the outcome in Tuesday’s midterm elections
A ‘New Great Migration’ is bringing Black Americans back to the South
White and youth population losses contributed most to the nation’s growth slowdown, new census data reveals
Today’s suburbs are symbolic of America’s rising diversity: A 2020 census portrait
Growth, diversity, segregation, and aging in America’s largest metropolitan areas: A 2020 census portrait
New census data shows a huge spike in movement out of big metro areas during the pandemic
Anti-CRT bills are aimed to incite the GOP base—not parents
U.S. population growth has nearly flatlined, new census data shows
Despite the pandemic narrative, Americans are moving at historically low rates
RESEARCH 2020 Census: Big cities grew and became more diverse, especially among their youth
White decline and increased diversity in America’s aging population
White decline and increased diversity in America’s aging population
RESEARCH Mapping America’s diversity with the 2020 census
America’s shrinking white population needs to value youthful diversity
RESEARCH New 2020 census results show increased diversity countering decade-long declines in America’s white and youth populations
All recent US population growth comes from people of color, new census estimates show
The race gap in multigenerational poverty; Census 2020 findings
America’s electoral future: The coming generational transformation
Podcast: Our nation of immigrants
Now, more than half of Americans are millennials or younger
A nation at a demographic crossroad: Rising diversity, youthful activism, and the 2020 election
COVID-19 pandemic pushes many in NYC to suburbs
A roaring Sun Belt surge has inverted the demographics and politics of COVID-19
The nation is diversifying even faster than predicted, according to new census data
COVID-19 Spreads into Republican strongholds
Tracking COVID-19’s spread into less urban, whiter, and more Trump-friendly places
The nation’s racial justice protests are a pivotal moment for millennials and Gen Z
Mapping COVID-19’s spread from blue to red America
William Frey says Gen Z will put more attention on racial injustice
American cities saw uneven growth last decade, new census data show
COVID-19 continues spreading into counties with strong Trump support
Coronavirus is making some people rethink where they want to live
Demography as Destiny
COVID-19 is expanding further into Trump country
COVID-19’s recent spread shifts to suburban, whiter, and more Republican-leaning areas
How COVID-19 will change the nation’s long-term economic trends, according to Brookings Metro scholars
Who lives in the places where coronavirus is hitting the hardest?
Even before coronavirus, census shows U.S. cities’ growth was stagnating
Census Day is here. How is our nation changing?
Even as metropolitan areas diversify, white Americans still live in mostly white neighborhoods
Super Tuesday’s demographic diversity will finally test Democratic candidates’ viability
Reducing immigration will not stop America’s rising diversity, Census projections show
Just how demographically skewed are the early Democratic primary states?
The 2020s can end America’s generational divide in politics
What America’s slow-growing population means for immigration, the Electoral College, and more
2020 trends to watch: Policy issues to watch in 2020
The 2010s may have seen the slowest population growth in U.S. history, census data show
US Census Figures Show US Population Growth Slowing
Fertility rates in the US hit record low
Demographer Unpacks Why Fewer Americans Are Moving
For the first time on record, fewer than 10% of Americans moved in a year
Low Mobility Rate Has Consequences for Families and the Economy
This week’s election and last year’s midterms bear good news for Democrats in 2020
US foreign-born gains are smallest in a decade, except in Trump states
Six maps that reveal America’s expanding racial diversity
America wins as Trump abandons the citizenship question from the 2020 Census
Nevada Becoming Battleground State, as Population Becomes Older, More Diverse
Trump puts the census citizenship question back in play
The citizenship question is off the census. Who wins?
States of Change: How Demographic Change is Transforming the Republican and Democratic Parties
Making America White Again
What Does the Supreme Court Decision on Citizenship Status Mean for the 2020 Census?
Less than half of US children under 15 are white, census shows
Building the Future for a Changing Nation Panel on Demography
Big city growth stalls further, as the suburbs make a comeback
2018 Voter turnout rose dramatically for groups favoring Democrats, census confirms
As Americans spread out, immigration plays a crucial role in local population growth
America is Not Full
America is not full. Its future rests with young immigrants
Census 2020: Navigating the national and local challenges
US2050: America’s Demographic Future: Population Aging and Youthful Diversity
In selecting Milwaukee for their 2020 convention, Democrats embrace their demographic past
A vast majority of counties showed increased Democratic support in 2018 House election
Trump’s wall will not prevent America’s diversity boom
How migration of millennials and seniors has shifted since the Great Recession
Ruling on citizenship question may save the 2020 census
Immigration could be only way to offset falling birth rate
It’s 2019. Do You Know Where the Kids Went?
US population growth hits 80-year low, capping off a year of demographic stagnation
Why Is U.S. Population Growth Slowing Down?
Black-white segregation edges downward since 2000, census shows
The Aging and Browning of America
2018 exit polls show greater white support for Democrats
Millennials under the Microscope: Who They Are and How They’ll Change America
Will minority and female turnout surges seal Democratic midterm victories?
Will Changing Demographics affect the 2018 Midterms?
Generation 'Z-Plus' To Be The Most Diverse, Minority White
Policy Brief: Shifting Demographics & Hockey's Future
Trump Can’t Win the War on Demography
21st century immigration favors Asians and college grads as the US foreign-born share rises
How Can The Next Census Change The Future Of America?
Charlottesville, demographic change, and misplaced white anxiety
Minority youth will keep America great, white anxiety will not
A Demographer explains why a changing US electorate will sweep away Trumpism
Interview: Diversity Explosion
Momentum Shift, How the Millennial Generation is Reshaping America
US white population declines and Generation ‘Z-Plus’ is minority white, census shows
Early decade big city growth continues to fall off, census shows
Race, Aging and Politics: America’s Cultural Generation Gap
Demographic Change and Future Elections Panel
America’s Electoral Future: Demographic Shift and the Future of the Trump Coalition Center for American Progress
These Are the Groups Most Likely to Stop Participating in the U.S. Census
California Fights the White House Over Census Citizenship Question
White House defends move to ask citizenship question on 2020 Census
2020 Census Question Has Raised Eyebrows
US population disperses to suburbs, exurbs, rural areas, and “middle of the country” metros
Back off Wisconsin! Chicagoans Respond to Walker’s Millennial Marketing Campaign
The U.S. will become “minority white” in 2045, Census projects
Millennial growth and “footprints” are greatest in the South and West
5 Laws of Political Gravity in Midterms: Do They Still Apply in the Age of Trump?
The Millennial Generation is a Bridge to America’s Diverse Future
The post-millennial movement against gun violence could solidify long-term Democratic support
Minorities are the demographic engine of millennial urban growth
Where do the most educated millennials live?
Can Millennials Make American’s Whole?
The Millennial Generation: A Demographic Bridge to America’s Diverse Future
The Millennial Generation: A Demographic Bridge to America’s Diverse Future
Sun Belt Population Growth Hts Modest Snag, Census Data Show
US Migration Still at Historically Low Levels Census Show
Recent foreign-born growth counters Trump’s immigration stereotypes
National Population Growth Declines as Domestic Migration Flows Rise
Internal Migration: What Does the Future Hold?
Trump Country
How young Americans are set to change the US forever
Census shows nonmetropolitan America is whiter, getting older, and losing population
City growth dips below suburban growth, Census shows
Race, American Identity and the Census
Census shows pervasive decline in 2016 minority voter turnout
Where immigrant growth matters most
Population Growth Hits Bottom
Census shows a revival of pre-recession migration flows
Demography and democracy
On new Census data and a divided America
A substantial majority of Americans live outside Trump counties, census shows
Why African Americans left the South in droves — and what’s bringing them back
States of Change: Demographic Change, Representation Gaps, and Challenges to Democracy 1980-2080
Trump’s early actions will widen America’s political demographic divide
Staying Put: Why Nobody's Moving Right Now
It’s America’s minority youth that deserve both parties’ attention
It's the Demography, Stupid!
Millennials at the Gates
U.S. growth rate hits new low as migration to the Sun Belt continues
Changing Face of the USA
White neighborhoods get modestly more diverse, new census data show
The demographic blowback that elected Donald Trump
Jim Spiro Show
How Once-Reliable Voting Blocs Have Changed
Change in America
Can White Blue-Collar Workers Give Trump a Victory?
Diversity is a reason for optimism
The power of the educated white female vote in election 2016
How minority voters could swing the 2016 presidential election
The role of minority voters in the 2016 election
How America’s Diversity Explosion is Changing the Political Landscape
Educated white women could trigger a decisive Trump defeat
The Diversity Explosion is America's Twenty-First Century Baby Boom
Demographic fault lines and the 2016 election
Metropolitan Lens: America’s racial generation gap and the 2016 election
2016 Election: Mars vs Venus
Convention cities make exemplary stages to discuss America’s racial divide
The force of demography on presidential elections from 2016 to 2032
Diversity defines the millennial generation
Mid-decade, big city growth continues
Women could make a big difference in a Clinton-Trump match-up
Politics In The News: Female Voters And The 2016 Election
Demographic Change and Future Elections
Boomers at 70: The New 50?
Migration to Sun Belt metro areas continues to surge
Diversity is an opportunity, not a threat, for America
Can Trump push Arizona to the Democrats?
Can Trump Win in November?" An Interview with Leslie Marshall
Can Trump Win in November?
America’s Electoral Future
America's Electoral Future: How Changing Demographics Could Impact Presidential Elections from 2016 to 2032
How unrepresentative are the early presidential primary states?
Boomers at 70 will change America — again
Sun Belt Migration Reviving, New Census Data Show
Asian Surprise
Demography and Destination
The new racial generation gap
One (mostly white, older) person, one vote
Confronting Obstacles to Future Immigration
Census shows modest declines in black-white segregation
The Trump Factor
The Browning of America: The Next 15 years
Book Excerpt: Diversity Explosion
Can a Trump-style Republican survive America’s ‘Diversity Explosion’?
Voter Suppression Laws Won't Work for Long
Stop laughing at Donald Trump
White aging means post-millennial America is becoming more diverse everywhere
New Census data: Selective city slowdowns and the city-suburb growth gap
The New Face of America: The Social and Political Implications of Growing Diversity in the U.S.
Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, and America’s cultural generation gap
Migration to the suburbs and Sun Belt picks up
In the U.S., diversity is the new majority
Discussion of "Diversity Explosion"
States of Change: The Demographic Revolution of the American Electorate, 1974-2016
State of the Union Positions Our Diverse Next Generation as a Domestic Policy Priority
How New Racial Demographics Are Remaking America
Keeping Cool until the Economy Heats Up
Sun Belt Migration Revives as Florida Overtakes New York
New Projections Point to a Majority Minority Nation in 2044
10 Maps that Explain the Next Election: What Pollsters Will be Watching for in 2016
Midterm Elections' Turnout
Enjoy it While it Lasts! GOP Base is Still White and Aging
Population and Migration Slowdowns Continue to Impact States
Will This Be the Decade of Big City Growth?
Multilingual and Proud
A Population Slowdown for Small Town America
US Population Growth and Migration Sputter, Yet Again
Babies and What Demographics Portend
Been Down So Long
Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America
Millennial and Senior Migrants Follow Different Post-Recession Paths
Census Bureau Survey Indicates How Americans Live
Diversity Is America’s Future
Shift to a Majority-Minority Population in the U.S. Happening Faster than Expected
A Big City Growth Revival?
Economic Improvement Nudges U.S. Migration to Normal
Minority Turnout Determined the 2012 Election
The Browning Of A Nation
The Next America: Three Must-Knows Regarding Immigration
A Modest Population Bounce Back for the Sun Belt and the Nation
US Population Projections
America By the Numbers: America More Diverse and Aging
America’s Changing Demographic Landscape: New Projections from the Census Bureau
Census Projects New 'Majority Minority' Tipping Points
America’s Young Adults: A Generation On the Move
On Election Day, A New American Mainstream
Longer Lives, Later Families and Greater Diversity
Why Obama Shouldn't Be Taking the Black Vote for Granted
New Data on Obama's Massive Demographic Advantage
Demographic Reversal: Cities Thrive, Suburbs Sputter
Baby boomers had better embrace change
Why the American Community Survey Is Important
Minority Babies’ New Majority an ‘Echo’ of Immigration Waves
Why Minorities Will Decide the 2012 Election
The Demographic Lull Continues, Especially in Exurbia
The 2010 Census: America on the Cusp
Population Growth in Metro America since 1980: Putting the Volatile 2000s in Perspective
A Nation No Longer On The Move (Part I)
The U.S. Census of 2010: Foreshadowing a Century of Change: Year In Review 201
America's New Swing Region: The Political Demography and Geography of the Mountain West (in America’s Swing Region)
Racial Demographics and the 2008 Presidential Election in the United States (in Political Demography)
2011 Puts the Brakes on U.S. Population Growth
Five Things the Census Revealed About America in 2011
Counting Consequences
Americans Still Stuck at Home
Young Adults Choose "Cool Cities" During Recession
Black Migration in Reverse
Rainbow Suburbs
How America's Diversity Explosion is Changing the Political Landscape
America by the Numbers: A Field Guide to the U.S. Population
The New Metro Minority Map: Regional Shifts in Hispanics, Asians, and Blacks from Census 2010
America Reaches Its Demographic Tipping Point
The Uneven Aging and "Younging" of America: State and Metropolitan Trends in the 2010 Census
US Will Have Minority Whites Sooner, Says Demographer
Melting Pot Cities and Suburbs: Racial and Ethnic Change in Metro America in the 2000s
Retiring Boomers
Census Shows Challenge of America's Children
America's Diverse Future: Initial Glimpses of the US Child Population from the 2010 Census
A Pivotal Decade for America's White and Minority Populations
Census Data Show Hispanic Boom; Blacks Leave Cities for South, Suburbs
Census Shows More Blacks, Hispanics Moving To N.C.
A Demographic Tipping Point Among America’s Three-Year-Olds
Migration Declines Further: Stalling Brain Gains and Ambitions
The 2010 Census: How Is America Changing?
Investigating Change: Web-based Analyses of US Census and American Community Survey Data
Investigating Change in American Society
Did the 2010 Census Tell Us Anything New?
Census Data: Blacks and Hispanics Take Different Segregation Paths
The Race Generation Gap
Baby Boomers and the New Demographics of America’s Seniors
Why the American Community Survey Is Important
Chapter 2: Race & Ethnicity
Chapter 1: Population & Migration
Chapter 4: Age
Chapter 5: Households & Families
Texas Gains, Suburbs Lose in 2010 Census Preview
Migration Slowdown in America: Trends and Impacts
The State of Metropolitan America Interview
Will Arizona Be America’s Future?
People Power and the Census: People Power and the Census
A Demographic Lull at Census Time
Five myths about the 2010 Census and the U.S. population
Brain Gains
A Rollercoaster Decade for Migration
Immigration and the Coming “Majority Minority”
The Great American Migration Slowdown: Regional and Metropolitan Dimensions
Survey Says! No Need to Wait for the Census
Next Generation Minorities Take Biggest Poverty Hits
How Did Race Affect the 2008 Presidential Election?
Stuck in Place
Big City Populations Survive the Housing Crunch
Mixed Race Marriages
Bursting “Migration Bubble” Favors Coastal Metros, Urban Cores
Obama's America
Getting Current: Recent Demographic Trends in Metropolitan America
Economy, Housing Woes Slow Migration, Census Shows
A Demographic Breakthrough for Democrats
The Political Geography of Ohio, Michigan, and Missouri: Battlegrounds in the Heartland
The Political Geography of Virginia and Florida: Bookends of the New South
Growing Pains: Migration Meltdown
Painting the Mountain States Blue
The Political Geography of the Intermountain West: The New Swing Region
The Census Projects Minority Surge
Older Cities Hold On to More People, Census Shows
Race for the Whitehouse
Race, Immigration and America’s Changing Electorate
The Political Geography of Pennsylvania: Not Another Rust Belt State
Migration to Hot Housing Markets Cool Off
America's Demography in the New Century
No Habla Ingles
Housing Bust Shatters State Migration Patterns
Resettling New Orleans: The First Full Picture from the Census
New Orleans, a 'Whole Other City'?
The Allyn & Bacon Social Atlas of the United States
The Racial Generation Gap
Mapping the Growth of Older America: Seniors and Boomers in the Early 21st Century
America Should Be Economically Strategic About Her Future
Mapping the Growth of Older America: Seniors and Boomers in the Early 21st Century
Boomer Seniors
300 Million Americans
America’s Regional Demographics in the ’00s Decade: The Role of Seniors, Boomers and New Minorities
U.S. Population Tops 300 Million and Shows Accelerating Growth
Demographics of the United States in 2006
A Country of Newcomers
U.S. Population Reaching 300 Million
Housing Crunch: America's Gated Regions
Demographer's Art of Prediction Often Imitates Life
Metropolitan America in the New Century
Katrina and Rita Impacts on Gulf Coast Populations: First Census Findings
Immigrants are Everywhere
The Silence Behind the U.S.'s Immigration Impasse
Diversity Spreads Out: Metropolitan Shifts in Hispanic, Asian, and Black Populations Since 2000
The Third California
New Orleans Reluctant Migrants
City Can Lure Back its Reluctant Migrants
Metropolitan America in the New Century: Metropolitan and Central City Demographic Shifts Since 2000
The Younging and Aging of America
Migrant Policy Could Fracture America
The Electoral Edge: The Projected Sizes of All State Populations Presage a Challenge for the Democrats
Second Gen Rising
The Electoral College Moves to the Sun Belt
Interstate Migration of Hispanics, Asians and Blacks: Cultural Constraints and Middle Class Flight
Racial Segregation in US Metropolitan Areas and Cities, 1990–2000: Patterns, Trends, and Explanations
Immigration and Domestic Migration in US Metro Areas: 2000 and 1990 Census Findings by Education and Race
Beyond Red Versus Blue
The Parent Trap
The Democrats Must Woo New Demographic
Tracking Metropolitan America into the 21st Century: A Field Guide to the New Metropolitan and Micropolitan Definitions
Older White Vote Still Powerhouse in White House Contest
Minority Myth vs. Reality
Elusive Voting Blocs
Where Immigrants Matter Most: Assessing New Migration Dynamics in America
Battling Battlegrounds
Small is Interesting
Brain Gains, Brain Drains
Zooming in on Diversity
The New Great Migration: Black Americans' Return to the South, 1965-2000
Generation Pull
The Fading of City-Suburb and Metro-Nonmetro Distinctions in the United States
Leaving California
The New Migration Equation
Metropolitan Magnets for International and Domestic Migrants
Revival: The Black Middle Class.
Rainbow Nation: Mixed Race Marriages Among States
Commuter Blues
Married with Children
The Color of Money
Boomers and Seniors in the Suburbs: Aging Patterns in Census 2000
Three Americas: The Rising Significance of Regions
A Decade of Mixed Blessings: Urban and Suburban Poverty in Census 2000
Census 2000 Reveals New Native-Born and Foreign-Born Shifts Across US
The New White Flight
Lifestyle Cities
Spanish Speaking America
City Families and Suburban Singles: An Emerging Household Story From Census 2000
Migration Swings: Migrant and Immigrant Magnet States
Metro Magnets for Minorities and Whites
New State Demographic Divisions Revealed by Census 2000
Location of Adult Children As An Attraction for Black and White Elderly Primary Migrants In the United States
A History of Recent Urban Development in the United States
Neighborhood Segregation in Single-Race and Multirace America: A Census 2000 Study of Cities and Metropolitan Areas
Gaining Seniors
Boomer Havens and Young Adult Magnets
The Baby Boom Tsunami
The Rise of the New Sunbelt
Micro-Melting Pots
Migration to the South Brings Blacks Full Circle
The New Suburbanization
A Closer Look at the Melting-Pot Myth
Regional Shifts in America's Voting-Aged Population
The New, Regional U.S. Politics
The New Urban Demographics: Race Space & Boomer Aging
Institute Review
Multiple Melting Pots
America's Demography in the New Century: Aging Baby Boomers and New Immigrants as Major Players
State Magnets for Different Elderly Migrant Types in the United States
New Black Migration Patterns in the United States: Are They Affected by Recent Immigration?
New Sun Belt Metros and Suburbs are Magnets for Retirees
Internal Migration of Foreign-Born Latinos and Asians: Are They Assimilating Geographically?
Melting Pot Moves to the Suburbs
Beyond Social Security: The Local Aspects of an Aging America
Immigration and Demographic Balkanization: Toward One America or Two?
United States Population: Where the New Immigrants Are
New Black Migration Patterns in America: Are They Affected by Recent Immigration?
Impacts of Low -skilled Immigration on the Internal Migration of the US-born Low-skilled Americans in the United States: An Assessment in a Multivariate Context
Defining the City Levels of Urbanization
Changing Suburban Demographics: Beyond the "Black-White, City-Suburb" Typology
Minority Magnet Metros in the '90s
Immigration and Domestic Migration Magnets, 1990-97
Internal Migration of Foreign-Born Latinos and Asians: Are They Assimilating Geographically?
The Diversity Myth
New Demographic Divide in the US: Immigrant and Domestic Migration 'Migration Magnets'
Immigrant Concentration and Domestic Migrant Dispersal: Is Movement to Nonmetropolitan Areas" White Flight"?
Black Migration to the South Reaches Record Highs in 1990s
The Impact of Recent Immigration on Population Redistribution Within the United States
Destination Choices of the 1985-90 Young Adult Immigrants to the United States: Importance of Race, Educational Attainment, and Labour Market Forces
Black Movement to the South and Regional Concentration of the Races
South-North Immigrants' Settlement and Opportunity Structures in the U.S.
Immigration, Welfare Magnets and the Geography of Child Poverty in the United States
Emerging Demographic Balkanization: Toward One America or Two?
Immigration, Domestic Migration, and Demographic Balkanization in America: New Evidence for the 1990s
The Impact of Recent Immigration on Population Redistribution within the United States
Immigrant and Native Migrant Magnets
Immigration and the changing geography of poverty
Concentrated Immigration, Restructuring and the "Selective" Deconcentration ofthe U.S. Population
Interstate Migration of the US Poverty Population: Immigration "Pushes" and Welfare Magnet "Pulls"
Bringing Census Data into the Classroom: World Wide Web Access and Teacher Networking
Immigration, Internal Out-Movement, and Demographic Balkanization in America: New Evidence for the 1990s
Latio, Asian, and Black Segregation in U.S. Metropolitan Areas: Are Multiethnic Metros Different?
Immigration Impacts on Internal Migration of the Poor: 1990 Census Evidence for U.S. States
Immigration and Internal Migration 'Flight' from US Metropolitan Areas: Toward a New Demographic Balkanisation
Elderly Demographic Profiles of U.S. States: 'New Elderly Births,' Migration and Immigration Impacts
Changing Urban Populations: Regional Restructuring, Racial Polarization, and Poverty Concentration
Immigration, Welfare Magnets, and the Geography of Child Poverty in the United States
Immigrants In, Native Whites Out
Interstate Migration of American Young Adults in 1985-90: An Explanation Using a Nested Logit Model
Interstate Migration of the US Poverty Population: Immigration "Pushes" and Welfare Magnet "Pulls"
Immigration and Internal Migration 'Flight': a California Case Study
Elderly Demographic Profiles of U.S. States: Aging-in-Place, Migration and Immigration Impacts
Minority Suburbanization and Continued 'White Flight' in U.S. Metropolitan Areas: Assessing Findings from the 1990 Census
White and Black "Flight" from Immigration Metro Areas: Evidence from the 1990 Census
Immigration and Internal Migration for U.S. States: 1990 Census Findings by Poverty Status and Race
New Dynamics of Urban-Suburban Change: Immigration, Restructuring and Racial Separation
Immigration and Internal Migration "Flight": 1990 Census Findings for California
The New Geography of U.S. Population Shifts: Trends toward Balkanization
Asians in the Suburbs
Immigration and Internal Migration "Flight" from U.S. Metro Areas: 1990 Census Findings by Race, Poverty and Education
College Grad, Poverty Blacks Take Different Migration Paths
Changes in the Segregation of Whites from Blacks During the 1980s: Small Steps Toward a More Integrated Society
New "High Tech" Research Tool Makes 1990 Census Instantly Available For Professional-and Personal Purposes
Interstate Migration and Immigration for Whites and Minorities, 1985-90: The Emergence of Multi-ethnic States
Race, Class and Poverty Polarization across Metro Areas and States: Population Shifts and Migration Dynamics
The New Urban Revival in the United States
¡Vivan los Suburbios!
U.S.Elderly Population Becoming More Concentrated
Latino, Asian, and Black Segregation in Multi-Ethnic Metro Areas: Findings from the 1990 Census
American Maturity
Metropolitan Migration in Developed Countries: A Cross-National Data Base
Metropolitan redistribution of the US elderly: 1960-70, 1970-80, 1980-90
Mature Markets -- Elderly Growth Patterns in U.S. Counties
Booming, Suburban, and Black
Changes in the Segregation of Whites from Blacks During hte 1980s: Small Steps toward a More Racially Integrated Society
Investigating Social and Demographic Change in America: An Introductory Social Demography Course
Metropolitan America: Beyond the Transition
Minority Suburbanization and Continued "White Flight" in U.S. Metropolitan Areas: Assessing Findings from the 1990 Census
Metropolitan Areas as Functional Communities: A Proposal for a New Definition
Perspectives on Recent Demographic Change in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan America
Metropolitan Distribution of the U.S. Elderly: 1960-70, 1970-80, 1980-90
The Revival of Metropolitan Population Growth in the United States: An Assessment of Findings from the 1990 Census
Boomer Magnets
Metropolitan Area Magnets for Baby-Boomers
AreTwo Americas Emerging?
The Re-emergence of Core Region Growth: A Return to the Metropolis
Migration and Metropolitan Decline in Developed Countries: A Comparative Study
Lifecourse Migration of Metropolitian Whites and Blacks and the Structure of Demographic Change in Large Central Cities
A Multiregional Population-Projection Framework That Incorporates Both Migration and Residential Mobility Streams
Population Movement and City-Suburb Redistribution: An Analytic Framework
America by the Numbers: A Fieldguide to the U.S. Population
America by Numbers: A Field Guide to the U.S. Population